Slate Roof Repairs

A large part of trading as roofers in the North West of England is knowing how to perform slate roof repairs.  Slate roofs have been a feature of all kinds of buildings in this part of the world for generations, and many structures – including dwellings, public buildings, and even sometimes shops and industrial premises – still have their original slates in place.

Before roofing tiles became the standard for finishing pitched roofs, slates were used for all kinds of construction, and every roofer would have had to learn how to make a slate roof repair as part of their basic training.  But as modern tiled roofing systems became standard for new build properties, slate roofing repair skills began to decline.  These days, there are many roofers in the trade who may never have worked on a slate roof, and some roofing companies no longer keep the equipment needed to work on them.

Randles Roofing Slate Roof Repairs

This is a shame because at Randles Roofing we really appreciate the natural beauty and inherent properties of a good slate roof.  While it would not be practical for all new homes being built in our area to be equipped with traditional slate roofs, the buyers of many premium homes and developments are happy to specify attractive slate as their first choice of roofing material, while occupants of older traditional properties need these skills to keep their historic homes in good shape.  For professional slate roof repair property owners can always call on us.

Need Slate Roof Repairs?

So, what do you need to look for if you suspect your slate roof may need attention?  The most serious, and most obvious, situation necessitating slate roof repair is when slates are missing altogether.  Householders will usually be able to see the gap where the slate should be, or maybe they have found a fallen slate on the ground.  However, one missing slate almost always means that several of the surrounding slates will need fixing too.  Each slate roofing repair can involve the replacement of one or more slates, and also the realignment of others.

If your roof has a slate missing, your home will inevitably suffer a leak every time it rains.  But replacements aren’t the only slate roof repairs we are called upon to make in Lancashire and West Yorkshire.  A slipped or horizontally cracked slate will also cause leaks, and these may not be as easy to spot.  It may be possible to return a slipped slate to its place, however, a cracked item must be replaced to preserve the integrity of the roof system.  If slates are cracked vertically or across a corner, leaks may not occur.  However, most homeowners prefer to replace damaged slates anyway, as this means faults will not lead to more significant problems in the future.  Besides this, a fully slated roof looks better.

When the old houses in North West England were constructed, builders simply used the materials which were available.  However, builders merchants these days stock several types and colours of slate, so getting a matching item to repair your roof isn’t usually a problem.  Please contact us to earn more about slate roof repair.

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