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Roof Repairs Todmorden

Why choose Randles for your roof repairs?

When you need tradespeople who can provide professional and effective roof repairs, Todmorden based Randles Roofing are here to help.

Wherever you go in the UK, you will see examples of architecture that are peculiar to the local area. Sometimes it is the availability of materials that determines how buildings will look in a particular district, other times it is prevailing weather conditions or local preferences. Whatever the case, it is these variations that give the various regions of our country their own character.

When homes and other buildings require professional maintenance, it makes sense to use tradespeople who are familiar with the materials and construction methods that have been in common use in a particular area. Randles Roofing has been active right across the northwest of England for years, and our team have a combined sixty years of experience in the industry. We, therefore, have an excellent knowledge of all the types of roofs to be found in our region, and we offer a full range of services, from simple slate and tile repairs to complete re-roofs. Do you live in one of the following locations?

A town we often travel to make roof repairs, Rochdale has many historic stone cottages, some dating back to the industrial revolution.

We are always happy to make roof repairs in Blackburn, where regeneration and the repair of historic public buildings have contributed to the town’s optimistic mood. In fact, we have excellent transport links in the area, so for emergency roof repairs, Blackburn is only minutes away.

The roof repairs Burnley homeowners call us in for are sometimes due to the weather, which can be harsh during the winter months. But people around here are tough, and won’t let a bit of wind and rain stop them!

Roofing Repairs Services in Todmorden


Severe weather damage can sometimes mean you find yourself in an emergency situation. In such emergencies, we can work to a tight deadline to quickly stablish your roof and repair it, including insurance work. Additionally, we are able to replace any damaged guttering around the roof and carry out chimney work if required. Based in Todmorden, we also offer roof repairs in other areas. We offer competitive rates and provide a friendly and reliable team that sure to have a solution to your problem.

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