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Roofing & Guttering Services in Todmorden

Here at Randles Roofing and Building, as the name suggests, we specialise in roofing services. Based in Todmorden, we are pleased to provide roofing and guttering services to those in the local area. We provide roofing contractors who have experience working on a range of roofs come rain or shine, including public buildings with slate tiles, and Velux windows on terraced housing. Read on to find out more about how we can be of service to you.


The term roofing applies to the material used for constructing the building of the roof, often comprised of individual tiles. This aspect of the roof is primarily designed so that water will easily slip off and away from the house, which also bring us onto guttering, which we will cover later. On modern-day properties, roof tiles may be made from materials such as clay, fibre cement or concrete. Here at Randles Roofing and Building, we can build a new roof from scratch or replace any wobbly tiles. More common in the North of England, slate roofs might be found on public buildings, as well as terraced housing. Slate tiles can also add style to your roof, and we’re able to offer both installation and repairs services in this regard.


As well as our work on the tiles of the roof, we also offer work on chimneys. We can offer repairs for any loose chimney pots, or repoint any chimney, whereby the original mortar is raked out and replaced with new mortar. As our team is made up of builders as well as roofers, we have the expertise to deliver excellent service when it comes to chimneys.


When it comes to leadwork, this is the vital ingredient to roofing that prevents water seeping into your ceiling from your chimney. Lead flashing offers a waterproof element as it refers to thin pieces of lead that are installed to prevent the passage of water in through any joints, whether chimneys, vent pipes, walls, windows or door openings. This key feature helps to create more hardwearing buildings, as well as having a role in reducing any indoor mould problems.


As well as our roofing repairs, we also offer repairs and maintenance for guttering systems. The guttering of a building forms part of a large system to make sure that rainwater is directed away from your building, usually brought down through the piped gutter system, flowing it towards a street gutter. Your gutters may be damaged from high winds and bad weather, or you may find a build-up of leaves and debris mean that your gutters simply need professional clearing services. At Randles Roofing & Buidling, we are pleased to offer guttering repairs and maintenances services throughout Todmorden and beyond.

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