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How to locate a roof leak before it becomes a bigger issue?

While it might seem small and insignificant, no matter how minor, a roof leak will never get better on its own. Over time, water ingress will increase as the leak naturally widens the entry point and can lead to bigger problems that are more expensive to fix.

You may have noticed moss build-up or damaged shingles outside or damp loft insulation and dripping water, but all are strong signs that you may have a roof leak on your hands. The first step to take is to locate your roof leak to identify the origin of the issue. In this blog, we’ll take an in-depth look at three methods of finding a leak in your roof so you can take the appropriate action.

Option one

If you have loft access, enter on a day when it is raining to see if you identify where the water is coming in. A top tip is to bring along a torch, as its light will reflect off any water present, making it far simpler to spot.

If you do manage to locate the source of your leaking, use a pencil or marker pen, and circle the entire stain. You will find this can be a handy way to keep track of the leak and calculate whether it is getting bigger over time.

When you are investigating a leak on your measure the distance between the source of the leak and the edge of your loft. As a result, you can assess which part of your roof is placed directly above the leaking water.

However, if you are working with a friend, you can ask them to climb up onto the roof. Below, you can tap next to where the leak is in the loft, loud enough so that they can hear you. They should then be able to locate where the water is entering the roof space.

It is worth noting that this approach is not foolproof. In some cases, a leak will penetrate through your roofing materials, before seeping down into another area where it then starts to descend. When this happens, the damaged area inside a home is not always directly below the area where water is entering the roof.

If you find that you are still struggling to locate the leak, there are some possible places you can check for problems. For example, any guttering, around your chimney stack, at your ridge cap, and any additional joints and areas where flashing has been employed. These places are most susceptible to degradation and can be the cause of roof leaks.

Option two

A second method of finding a leak in your roof is to replicate rainfall. You can do this using a long garden hose pipe. Take the hose up to the place that you suspect that the leak originates from and run some water gently over it while a second person watches from inside your loft for signs of water ingress. Only use low water pressure to ensure you find the leak but cause no further damage.

Option three

If you are uncomfortable with either of these approaches, contact an expert instead. When it comes to roofing, severe weather damage can result in leaks that quickly become emergencies.

In such cases, our team at Randles Roofing can work to tight deadlines to establish your roof with any necessary repair work carried out quickly and efficiently. We can also provide additional building services including chimney work and repairing or replacing damaged guttering that is at the root of a problem.

Located in Todmorden, we also provide roof repairs and roofing services in nearby areas including Burnley, Blackburn, Manchester, Bolton and many other locations. For a friendly and reliable service at competitive rates get in touch with our dedicated team at Randles Roofing now for expert assistance.

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