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Chimney Repairs Todmorden

Here at Randles Roofing, we have many years of experience carrying out roof repairs from our base in Todmorden; as part of our services, we also offer chimney repairs. Operating throughout the northwest of England, our team have a combined experience of over sixty years in the industry. Thanks to this, we are able to offer all the necessary knowledge of the different types of roofs to be found in our region and provide a full range of services. Today we are going to focus our attention on chimney roof repairs.

Roof Repair Services

Whilst one of the most common problems that need fixing with roofs are replacing fallen tiles, which tends to happen when there is bad weather and high winds, there are many other roof repair services that may be required. If you notice a leak from your roof, it may be that there was a fault with the initial installation. You may also have a problem with your guttering or simply need more regular maintenance. Lastly, it may be the case that your chimney is in need of repairing.

All About Chimneys

Although more modern homes do not necessarily need chimneys, thanks to central heating, the chimney remains a feature of the British skyline. They have been traditionally used as a way to ventilate fireplaces in the home, with the vertical structure drawing air into the combustion stack, with the space inside the chimney being the flue. Chimneys were at first found in castles until they expanded to become a feature in most ordinary homes in the 17th and 18th centuries. Nowadays, despite not being necessary, chimneys can be a luxurious element that acts as more of a status symbol, aligning oneself with the traditions of a period property.

Our Chimney Repair Service

Providing a chimney repair service, we understand the different problems that can occur when maintaining a chimney. For example, ‘spalling’ brick, where moisture can seep into the brick before freezing, resulting in the bricks cracking and flaking, and mortar seals loosening. Shifting foundations can also impact on your chimney, as it can degrade the integrity of the chimney masonry. Leaks can also be a problem with chimneys, as well as drafting issues, that can cause smoke to enter the building.

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