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A Guide To Restoring Faded Guttering

Due to its constant exposure to the elements, it’s only natural for guttering to start to fade over time. For many homeowners, this fading is unattractive, leading to concerns about kerb appeal. But the good news is that there are a few methods that you can use to restore your faded guttering. So, if you are wondering how to get your gutters looking as good as new again, read on for some of the best methods.


Gutter restoration can be as simple as giving your guttering a fresh coat of paint. The first thing you have to do before painting your guttering is to give it a good clean, as you don’t want any debris getting into the paint. We recommend using gloss paint as it’s more resistant to water, dirt and contaminants. However, in the long term, painting may not be the best option for restoring your faded guttering since the surface will wear and chip over time, especially if you have plastic guttering. 


Another way to deal with dirty or faded gutters is to simply replace the guttering. This is often much less time-consuming than painting and can give your home a fresh look. While it can be more expensive, it is the simpler solution, so the extra expense may be worth it. It also means that you will have entirely new gutters that you know are in good condition. 


When it comes to faded guttering, the problem is often only surface-deep. If you want to avoid replacing your dirty, brown gutters, try some gutter cleaning tools first. This is also one of the more eco-friendly options when it comes to restoring faded guttering. The best thing to do is try a metal cleaner, which can cut through the surface discolouration. Being mildly abrasive, it will bring the colour back to your guttering. 
Let the cleaner dry fully and then buff your guttering – it should be back to as good as new in no time. While this can be quite an undertaking on your own, it is an affordable option if you’re working with a tight budget. 


Using furniture stain or boot polish is also a good option when it comes to plastic guttering. Staining the gutters is a better way to ensure that the colour holds since it is less likely to flake and chip than paint. It also gives your gutters a smooth and clean finish. 

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